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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 35 Number 2, December 2006

Contemporary Capitalism and Democratization?
  • ConVergence ― Divergence in Capitalism Revisited

    Yong-Hak Kim, Chan-Ung Park and Wang-Bae Kim

  • Transplanting Outside Directors to the Korean Financial Market, 1999-2000

    Dukjin Chang

  • Civil Society in Political Democratization: Social Movement Impacts and Institutional Politics

    Doowon Suh

Work, Community and Crime
  • Current Job, Desirable Job, and Good Job

    Myoung-Jin Lee and Moon-Kyung Choi

  • Homelessness and Community Attitudes in South Korea as Compared with Japan

    Il-Seong Yoon

  • The Effects of Economic Conditions on Crimes

    Dongil Kim