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Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 40 Number 1, June 2011

Human Rights and the Social: The Making of a New Knowledge
  • Introduction

    Anthony Woodiwiss

  • Human Rights: From the State System to Global Domestic Policy

    Johan Galtung

  • Individual Freedom and Human Rights Community: A Sociological Intervention

    Sang-Jin Han

  • Law Meets Sociology in Human Rights

    Koen De Feyter

  • Making Human Rights Ordinary in the Bio and Nanotech Era

    Jose Julian Lopez

  • The Sociological Discourse on Human Rights: Lessons from the Sociology of Law

    Mathieu Deflem and Stephen Chicoine

  • Making the Sociology of Human Rights More Sociological

    Anthony Woodiwiss

  • Developmental State, Human Rights and Migrant Workers

    William D. H. Li