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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 49 Number 4, December 2020

Special Issue: Political Dynamic of Korean Feminism — From #MeToo to WOMAD
  • Introduction

    Jungmin Seo and Seoyoung Choi

  • The #MeToo Movement and Korean Journalism: Comments on Online News Coverage of the Trial of Former Governor Ahn Hee-jung

    Sooah Kim

  • A Critical Study of Identity Politics Based on the Category ‘Biological Woman’ in the Digital Era: How Young Korean Women Became Transgender Exclusive Radical Feminists

    Hyun-Jae Lee

  • The Politics of the Abolition of Women’s Student Councils and the Depoliticized Campus in Korea

    Mihyun Kim

  • The Spread of Feminism and the Silence of Gendered Militarism in the Neoliberal Era: Controversy Over Military Conscription Among Members of the Young Generation in South Korea

    Jihyun Choo

  • Practicing Agency by Performing Vulnerability: Sexual Minorities at the Queer Culture Festival in Korea

    Seoyoung Choi and Jungmin Seo

  • Parental Education and Self-Rated Health among Older Adults: Evidence from the U.S. and South Korea

    Seungah H. Lee, Kimberly J. Johnson, and Jiyoung Lyu