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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 36 Number 1, June 2007

Networks, Welfare and Labor?
  • Confidence in Government and Personal Networks

    Jaeki Jeong

  • On the Relationship between Self-reported Physical Health and Social Networks: Among Korean Junior High School Students

    Yoosik Youm and Chan-Ung Park

  • Productive Activities of Older People and Their Influence on Life Satisfaction

    Ju-Hyun Kim

  • The Impact of the Fragmentation of Bargaining Institutions on Strike Activity in South Korea

    Soonwon Kwon

Postmodernism, Neo-Communitarianism and Globalization
  • Recovering Social and Cultural Resources in a Realistic Local Film: The Value of a Local Film in the Age of Postmodernism

    Sung Kyung Kim

  • Paradoxical Modernity and the Quest for a Neo-Communitarian Alternative

    Sang-Jin Han

  • The Crisis of Asian Globalization: Toward a Senism of the Left

    William H. Thornton and Songok Han Thornton