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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 36 Number 2, December 2007

Globalization and Alternative Cultures?
  • Birth of Neo-nomadism in Korea

    Young-Min Yun

  • Globalization, Nationalism, and Regionalization: The Case of Korean Popular Culture

    Jonghoe Yang

International Migration and Family
  • International Family Migration and Labor-Market Outcomes of Immigrant Couples: Do Types of Migration Matter?

    In-Jin Yoon and Haebong Woo

  • Adolescents' and Parents' Attitudes about Marriage in Korea: The Importance of the Frequency of Parent-Adolescent Communications

    Yun-Suk Lee

Administrative Efficiency, Legislative Trust and Labor
  • The Relationship Between Size and the Administrative Ratio in Organizations: Theoretical Reflections on the Baseline Model

    Moon-Gi Suh

  • Erosion of Public Confidence in the Korean National Assembly

    Chan Wook Park and Hyeon-Woo Lee

  • A Journey to Recognize Labor as a Social Question in Modern Japan

    Okyeon Yi