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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 37 Number 1, June 2008

Risk, Crisis and Economic Reform
  • World at Risk: The New Task of Critical Theory

    Ulrich Beck

  • Visible Success and Invisible Failure in Post-Crisis Economic Reform in Korea: Interplay of the Global Standards, Agents and Local Specificity

    Keun Lee, Byung-Kook Kim, Chung H. Lee and Jaeyeol Yee

  • Institutional Reforms and Spatial Evolution of the Banking System in Henan, China Since 1978

    Xiaojian Li and Zhou Xiongfei

Higher Education and Internet Use
  • Quality Assurance and Mobility Prospects in Indian Higher Education

    Anil Shukla and Tripta Trivedi

  • The Missing Gap between Internet Use and Benefits: Seniors' Limited Internet Experiences and Social Marginalization

    Youn-Min Park