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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 37 Number 2, December 2008

Family, Status and Culture
  • Socioeconomic Determinants of Divorce/Separation in South Korea: A Focus on Wife's Current and Desired Employment Characteristics

    Yean-Ju Lee and Larry Bumpass

  • Changes in Mothering of Korean Women: Based on Narrative Interview Data

    Jae-In Lee

  • Status Inconsistency and Lifestyle Among Status Groups: Focusing on Cultural Capital and Social Capital

    Eun Young Nam

Immigrantion Moverment and Historical Sociology
  • The Development of Immigrant Moverment in Taiwan: The Case of Alliance of Human Rights Legislation for Immigrants and Migrants

    Hsiao-Chuan Hsia

  • Why is Marx Classical?: The 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte and Marxist Legacy in Historical Sociology

    Jaeyoun Won