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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 38 Number 2, December 2009

Special Issue: Social Quality in Asia and Europe (Guest Editors: Ka Lin and Paul Ward)
  • Social Quality Theory in Perspective

    Ka Lin, Paul Ward and Laurent J.G. van der Maesan

  • The Social Quality Approach: Bridging Asia and Europe

    Alan Walker

  • Comparing Social Quality and Social Harmony from a Governance Perspective

    Chack-kie Wong

  • Transparency, a Key Factor to Improve Social Cohesion: A Review of the Korean Experience in the context of Social Quality Research

    Jaeyeol Yee and Dukjin Chang

  • Social Quality and the Social Harmony Campaign in Hong Kong

    Chui-Man Ruby Chau and Sam Yu

  • Asian Social Quality Indicators: What is Unique?

    Lih-Rong Wang

  • Trust, Social Quality and Wellbeing: a Sociological Exegesis

    Paul R. Ward and Samantha B. Meyer