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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 39 Number 1, June 2010

Reassessment of Neoliberal Political Economy
  • Neoliberalism, Democracy, and Development Policy in Brazil

    Alfredo Saad Filho

  • From Dirgisme to Neoliberalism: Aspects of the Political Economy of the Transition in India

    C.P. Chandrasekhar

  • European Welfare States Beyond Neoliberalism: Toward the Social Investment State

    Peter Abrahamson

Economic and Political Rights in East Asia
  • Post-Socialist State, Transnational Corporations, and the Battle for Labor Rights in China at the Turn of the 21st Century

    Alvin Y. So

  • Toward Human Rights in the Local Community: Multiple Approaches for Implementation

    Joong-Seop Kim

Digital and Cultural Stratification
  • Determinants of the Digital Divide in Rural Communities of a Developing Country: The Case of Malaysia

    Mahendhiran Nair, Gil-Soo Han, Heejin Lee, Patricia Goon and Ramlah Muda

  • Temporal Variation in the Strength of Educational Assortative Marriage in Korea: A Birth Cohort Analysis of the 2000 Korea Census

    Myoung-Jin Lee

Digital and Cultural Stratification