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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Development and Society

Volume 39 Number 2, December 2010

Postcolonial Politics and Development
  • Colonialism, Revolution, Development: A Historical Perspective on Citizenship in Political Struggles in Eastern Asia

    Arif Dirlik

  • Everday Transnationalism and the Postcolony in West Africa

    Dennis Galvan

Organizational Behavior and Evolution
  • A typology of Organizational Behavior: At the Crossroad of Risk and Uncertainty

    Jeong-han Kang and Sang Won Han

  • To Be or Not to Be: Statism and Paradoxical Evolution of Corporate Governance Governance in Russia

    Sun-Woo Lee

Human Rights and Social Quality
  • Human Rights' in the Discourse of Buraku Liberation: From the 1920s to the 1990s, an Initial Survey

    Ian Neary

  • Two Concepts of Human Rights in Contemporary Korea

    Hyo-Je Cho

  • Operationalising the Theory of Social Quality: Analysis of the Reliability of an Instrument to Measure Social Quality

    Samantha B. Meyer, Tini C. N. Luong, Paul R. Ward and George Tsourtos