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Published Issues

Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 48 Number 1, March 2019

Current Issue of Asian Sociology: The Metamorphosis of the Korean Peninsula
  • Ulrick Beck and the Metamorphosis of the Korean Peninsula

    Sang-Jin Han

  • Facing Korea’s Future with Kim Dae Jung

    John Dunn

Special Issue: Social Empathy in East Asia
  • Identification, Confucianism, and Intersubjectivity: Issues Related with Social Empathy in East Asia

    Wonho Jang

  • Intersubjectivity and Transnational Phenomenological Sociology: An Essay on Social Empathy in East Asia from the Viewpoint of Okinawan Issues

    Kazuhisa Nishihara

  • Flexible and Plastic National Identification in Hong Kong: Its Historical Configuration and Changes since 1997

    Tai-lok Lui

  • From Confucianism to Communism and Back: Understanding the Cultural Roots of Chinese Politics

    Jin Wang and Keebom Nahm

  • The Politics of Foreign Aid and Development of the Private Sector: A Case Study of the Republic of Korea

    Jiyoung Kim

  • Varieties of Politically Moderate Groups in South Korea: Social Identity, Morality, and Political Attitude

    Seunghye Seok, Ansik Chang, and Doohwan Kim