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Published Issues

Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 48 Number 4, December 2019

Special Issue: Changing Lives and Identities
  • RETRACTED: Decolonization and the Ontological Turn of Sociology

    Hwansuk Kim

  • A Message Regarding the Special Issue

    Manabu Akagawa and Keong-Suk Park

  • A Few Thoughts on Low Birthrate, Aging Societies: Reflections on Demographic Transition and Modernity in Korea

    Keong-Suk Park

  • Implementing the Concept of “housing support” in a Super-aged Society

    Yasushi Sukenari

  • Does Social Capital Improve Community-based Integrated Care Systems?

    Manabu Akagawa

  • The New Asian Active Ageing Index for ASEAN+3: A Comparative Analysis with EU Member States

    Asghar Zaidi and Jinpil Um

  • Returns to Women’s Education in the Marriage Market: A Comparative Analysis of Japan, Korea, and Taiwan

    Sang-Soo Chang

  • Personality Traits and Civic Engagement: The Case of South Korea

    Shang E. Ha