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Published Issues

Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 49 Number 2, June 2020

  • College Student Loans and Subjective Well-being in South Korea: How Do Student Borrowers Evaluate Their Lives during Studies and after Graduation?

    Sunghoon Kim and Myungsook Woo

  • University-Community Relations in Urban Regeneration: A Study on the Conflict Between Students and Residents and the Role of the University

    Ahnlee Jang

  • Economic Dependence, Gender-Role Beliefs, and Housework Hours of Husbands and Wives in Contemporary Korea

    Mi Young An

  • Similar but Different: Uncovering the Multiple Pathways to Life Satisfaction in Asia

    Dong-Kyun Im, Hearan Koo and Sang-Hee Park

  • Sorry, But G. Arrighi Is Not Almighty: Why Did He Fail to Explain China’s Process of Incorporation into the Capitalist World-Economy?

    Sung Hee Ru