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Published Issues

Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 49 Number 3, September 2020

  • Gender Role Attitudes and Depressive Symptoms of the Mother-Daughter Dyad in Korea

    Jeong-Hwa Ho

  • Predicting Effective Compensation Practices in Emerging Asian Countries: A Comparison of the Fit between National Culture and Compensation Practices

    Yong Geun Kim and Sang Hun Sung

  • Anything but Gugak and Trot: Symbolic Exclusion and Musical Dislikes in South Korea

    Su Jung Kim, Hyae Jeong Joo and SetByol Choi

  • The Indirect Effects of Ethical Leadership and High Performance Work System on Task Performance through Creativity: Exploring a Moderated Mediation Model

    Inju Yang, Jee Young Seong and Doo-Seung Hong