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Published Issues

Journal of Asian Sociology

Volume 50 Number 1, March 2021

Special Issue: Emerging MNCs and socioeconomic dynamics in Asia
  • Introduction

    Hyunji Kwon, Jinsun Bae, and Seokho Kim

  • Toward a Bipolar Apparel GVC? From the Perspective of First-Tier Suppliers

    Hyunji Kwon, Jinsun Bae, Joonkoo Lee, and Sun Wook Chung

  • A Double-Edged Sword of Strong Ties: The Case of a Korean MNC and its Labor Auditing

    Sun Wook Chung, Hyunji Kwon, Jinsun Bae, and Joonkoo Lee

  • Detecting Dynamic Changes in Hyundai Motor’s Parts Supply System as an Industry Latecomer: The Quasi-Vertical Integration of Internal and External Networks

    Chulsik Kim, Jun Ho Jeong and Hyung Je Jo

  • Varieties of Regional Cultural Flow and Strategy: Revisiting South Korea’s Experience from a Global Value Chain Perspective

    Joonkoo Lee

  • The Risk of Upgrading Strategy: Lessons from the Strategic Coupling between the Taiwanese FPD Industry and its Japanese Counterpart

    Mayumi Tabata

  • The Emerging Role of Chinese Transnational Corporations as Nonstate Actors in Transnational Labour Law: A Case Study of Huayou Cobalt in the Global Cobalt Supply Chain

    Si Chen

  • International Actors in Cambodian Labor Politics

    Jinyoung Park

  • Kim Ji-young, Born 1982 Revisited: Statistical Evidence from Time Use Surveys

    Hoyong Jung

  • Paths to Civic Engagement: Opportunity Structures and Marriage Immigrants’ Associational Lives in South Korea

    Ilju Kim and Minjeong Kim