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International Conference

행사명 Hope and Despair in Three East Asian Cities: Generations and Classes in Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo
일시 / 장소 2016-10-01 10:00 / 아시아연구소 240호
발표자 장덕진 외
발표제목 Three East Asian Cities in Historical Time 외

International Conference




Hope and Despair in Three East Asian Cities: Generations and Classes in Shanghai, Seoul, and Tokyo


September 30~October 2, 2016


Co-organized by the Institute for Social Development and Policy Research at Seoul National University & The Seoul Institute

Venue: Asia Center Rm 240, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Dates: September 30~October 2, 2016


Friday, September 30, 2016


16:00~18:00 Business Meeting

Chair: Dukjin Chang (Director, ISDPR, SNU)


Publication Plan

Development and Society Special Edition

Meeting with the Publisher (Hanul MPlus)


18:30 Welcoming Dinner

Sodam Maru Restaurant (on campus)


Saturday, October 1, 2016


09:30~10:00 Registration


Session 1 The Comparative Framework


Chair: Hearan Koo (Research Professor, ISDPR, SNU



Title: Three East Asian Cities in Historical Time

Presenter: Dukjin Chang (Director, ISDPR, SNU), Tatsuto Asakawa (Professor, Meiji Gakuin University), Lu Xiacong (Professor, Shanghai University)



Title: Overview of Three Cities

Presenter: Tetsuo Mizukami (Professor, Rikkyo University), Wonho Jang (Professor, University of Seoul), Lu Xiacong (Professor, Shanghai University)



Title: Changes in Population Structure and Single-Person Households

Presenter: Huang Suping (Associate Professor, Shanghai University), Masako Kuntz-Ishii (Professor, Ochanomizu University), JiYoung Kim (Senior Researcher, ISDPR, SNU), Zhen Zihong (Associate Professor, Shanghai University), Qu Xiaomin (Research Fellow, East China University of Political Science and Law)


11:40~12:40 Lunch


Jahayeon Restaurant (on campus)


12:40~13:00 Opening Ceremony

Welcoming Address by Soohyun Kim (President, Seoul Institute)


Session 2 Economic Change & Its Impact on Three Cities


Chair: Haidong Zhang (Professor, Shanghai University)



Title: Class Differentiation and Intergenerational Social Mobility

Presenter: JiYoung Kim (Senior Researcher, ISDPR, SNU), Yoshimichi Sato (Professor, Tohoku University), Haidong Zhang (Professor, Shanghai University), Jingqian Bi (Lecturer, Ludong University), Yelin Yao (PhD Candidate, Shanghai University)



Title: A Tale of Three Cities: The Rise and Fall of Urban Occupations

Presenter: Hearan Koo (Research Professor, ISDPR, SNU), Yusuke Hayashi (Professor, Musashi University), Weng Dingjun (Professor, Shanghai University), Jingqian Bi (Lecturer, Ludong University)



Title: Work-Family Interface in Shanghai, Seoul and Tokyo: How Do Mothers Survive in this Time of the Tiger Mother?

Presenter: Junko Nishimura (Professor, Meisei University), Hyunji Kwon (Associate Professor, SNU), Meng Chen (Lecturer, Shanghai University)


14:30~14:50 Break


Session 3 Trust and Social Ties in Three Cities


Chair: Hyunji Kwon, (Associate Professor, SNU)



Title: Meaning of Community and Transformation of Social Ties

Presenter: Byeong-Eun Cheong (Senior Researcher, ISDPR, SNU), Yuan Hao (Associate Professor, Shanghai University), Tetsuo Mizukami (Professor, Rikkyo University)



Title: Trust in Three Cities

Presenter: Masamichi Sasaki (Professor Emeritus, Chuo University)



Title: Attitude toward Immigration and Globalization: A Comparative Study on Three Cities

Presenter: Haidong Zhang (Professor, Shanghai University), Hirohisa Takenoshita (Professor, Sophia University), Seokho Kim (Associate Professor, SNU)


16:20-16:40 Break


Session 4 Hope and Despair in Three Cities


Chair: Dukjin Chang (Director, ISDPR, SNU)


Title: What Do the Cities Do?

Presenter: Miree Byun (Senior Research Fellow, Seoul Institute), Dai Nomiya (Professor, Chuo University), Dunfu Zhang (Professor, Shanghai University)



Title: Hope and Despair in Three Cities

Presenter: Seokho Kim (Associate Professor, SNU), Atsushi Ishida (Professor, Osaka University of Economics), Haidong Zhang (Professor, Shanghai University),



Wrap-up Discussion led by Dukjin Chang (Director, ISDPR, SNU)


18:30 Conference Dinner

Hosted by Dr. Hyuk Ryul Yun (Director, Office of Planning and Coordination, Seoul Institute)