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The Comparative Data

ISDPR has long constructed macroscopic indicators on multinational societies for comparative purpose. With Korea at the center, they measure the social quality of many nations and their capacities for cohesions and validate their value systems as well as the degrees of social capitals. We aim to establish longitudinal data with high quality. Thus, we continue to validate its reliability, consistency as well as comparability, which not only fulfill our expectation but also prove apposite to our researches.
Our institute devised the questionnaire for this comparative data via the collaboration with Asian Consortium on Social Quality (ACSQ, Asian Consortium on Social Quality, http://www.socialquality.net), an international research consortium in which we participate. Its Standard Questionnaire for Social Quality (SQSQ) has been piloted and validated in 7 countries (South Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Japan, and Australia) through joint researches. Ultimately, the study has enabled the spread of social surveys, and has collected the data from total seven countries so far; South Korea, Turkey, Vietnam and Taiwan in the Asian region, and Germany, Greece and Italy in Western region.
In addition, ISDPR strives to conduct comparative analysis across different countries through existing data. Particularly, our annual projects in joint-partnership with SBS, a national broadcasting company, corroborate our intellectual expertise and key academic accomplishments. In 2012, we assessed the significance of Social Quality in the Developmental Model across five countries – Korea, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Turkey. In 2013, we measured the Governance standards through comparative analysis of Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, and Korea. And, in 2014, we explored the role of public interests and its characteristics in coping with national disasters and social risks by examining the cases in Korea, Germany, Japan, USA, and Netherlands. These projects are significant as they have identified multidimensional aspects of Korean Society and proposed directions for its future improvements.
A Comparative Study across Countries
: Multilateral investigation on the characteristics of Korean society, making empirical suggestions on the future direction for social growth
2012 Study on the Role of Social Quality (SQ) in the social development (South Korea, Germany, Greece, Italy, Turkey)
2013 Comparative Study on the Governance Level (Sweden, Germany, France, Japan, Korea)
2014 Study on Publicness as Causes and Coping Strategies of Disasters
(South Korea, Germany, Japan, the United States, the Netherlands)
Comparison of Publicness Rankings between 33 OECD Countries
Social Quality of Five Countries in Trilemma