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Population and Ageing Society Research Center


South Korea has been experiencing rapid population changes in terms of the birth rate, aging, international migration. Concerns about the lowering birth rate in Korea have been deepened while establishing welfare policies to cope with the aging society is yet another challenge we face. Korea is one of a few countries to experience exceptionally large diaspora. The demographic changes in North and South Korea with a long-term goal of preparing for the reunification era, marriage migration, and influx of foreign workers are the critical issues in contemporary Korea. In pursuit of timely and substantial researches, the Center for Population and Aging Society Studies was founded in April, 2010.

The Institute for Population and Development, originally established in 1965, played a critical role in articulating policy agenda in population issues. Following this precious tradition of the institute, this center provides a space for population studies researchers to discuss and generate knowledge, exchange ideas, collaborate on research and teach the future scholars.


The Center for Population and Aging Society Studies hosts conference on a regular basis in order to promote fruitful researches and general interest in the field of population studies. Number of researchers and students, who are interested in various demographic issues such as birth, death, migration, aging, youth, and international migration, participate in the conference as presenters, discussants, or audience. During the conference, the participants review and discuss about the latest researches published by both national and international population experts. Our conference is held on the third Thursday of each month from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. in the college of Social Sciences (Building #16).

This conference is an opportunity for abundant academic exchanges during which both presenters and discussants freely exchange questions and ideas. We warmly welcome you to the conference.  

- Contact: Kim Ji-eun (jinzhien91@hotmail.com)

Center Members

Center Director Park, Kyung Sook (Professor of Sociology at SNU)

Jeong, Ryung (Completed Ph.D. Program in Sociology in SNU)
Kim, Mi-sun (Enrolled in Ph.D. Program in Sociology in SNU)
Kim, Ji-eun (Enrolled in M.A. Program in Sociology in SNU)